The future of Ai: Music & Art

The evolution of Ai is spanning into the creative world. Music is being composed by computers through Melomics Technology and Artificial Neural Networks are creating Art. Both are groundbreaking technologies opening the door to what the future of Ai will hold.


Iamus is the big name floating around the computerized composers. The Ai is able to completely compose and notate a full orchestral piece without any human interaction. The commercialized version of Iamus, “Melomics Media” offers the computer-created compositions similarly to buying a song off iTunes or other online stores. However the key difference is that not only are you purchasing a copy of the music but also it’s copyright.



Google and Facebook have made it possible for computers to recognize images. For example when you upload a picture to Facebook it’s the technology that recognizes you without you tagging yourself. Now the two tech giants are showing off their Neural Networks that can automatically create pictures based on what they understand the object to be.


Facebook’s take on the technology uses two pictures; one based on a random vector while the second scans the image for realistic objects and rejects fake ones. This eventually outputs the most realistic result. The current versions are creating visuals good enough to fool 40% of the human testers.


Google’s approach is kind of backwards from Facebooks. Its not aiming to create realistic looking art but more trippy/psychedelic style. It’s described as Google analyzing the computer’s ‘dreams’.


The world of Ai has been around for a while now but over the past couple years the amount of implementations it’s being brought into have been growing at a rapid rate. Most people think computers and automated systems, etc.

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