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The world of content marketing can be a bit daunting when you start off. The key is simple, give your followers (or readers) content that is relevant to them. Now ask yourself why you’re doing this. How do you want your readers to react to your content? The content is to show your company’s awareness and evoke an emotion you want to leave them feeling after consuming your content. A couple strong emotions you want to focus your content on are change, persuasion, inspiration, and education. Each is used to achieve a certain goal but that doesn’t mean you can’t use multiple content pieces to push a single goal.

Change is an important emotion when you’re trying to drive a purchase. The idea is to implant in your readers the need to change and that you can provide that too them. Some good examples of content for change are a checklist, decision/buying guide or a demo. These can be tricky because you never want badmouth or speak negatively of your competitors. That doesn’t mean you can’t do your research and see what your competitors are offering to make sure you are portraying yourself as the best option.

When you’re trying to persuade the readers it is essential to have facts to show, like use cases, return on investment reports, and case studies. This type of content is good to gather emails for future leads by having an Opt-in email form to allow them to download the content. This does not mean as soon as you get the emails you start spamming them. These are real people who will get annoyed and write you off for future endeavors. The correct approach is to email them as if you were emailing a friend. The first reach out should not be a sales pitch but asking if they were happy with the content they received and if not what they would like to see. If they keep the email thread going and you feel it’s appropriate you can offer services.

Inspiring your readers will help with your company’s awareness. Text posts with pictures or videos excel here. Make sure the content is relatable to your readers by talking about current controversies, stories of transformation or survey results. This content is good to share on social channels like facebook and twitter because they have a higher chance to get shared, liked, or commented on.

When creating educational content for your readers you need to triple check your facts and quote your sources. The worst thing you could do is post educational content that isn’t true. Depending on the topic and target audience you might want to do a How-to video or blog post of something that they could benefit from knowing about. Another good content type would be compiling research on a new trend or topic into a consolidated post.

Ok, time to start making that content… yes lets do this, time to make content for my blog, facebook, twitter, that other social media site and that guy I promised I would do a guest blog for. 20 minutes and a bag of chips later and nothing is started. It’s important to have a content marketing plan to stick with or you’ll burn out quick.

There are programs like Hootsuite and Hubspot that help you find your company’s rhythm and will help you stay on top of all the content you need to produce. Another thing to keep in mind is when you are posting the content. A really great feature in Hootsuite is the automatic post plan that finds the optimal time for your post to reach the majority of your followers.

When it comes to content marketing there’s a lot of things you need to think about and stay on top of. Some might have trouble balancing quality over quantity, but quality should always come first. A good place to start would be to start with 2-4 blog posts a month and see how you feel it’s going after a month or two. If you have any questions on how to get started or what you can do to improve dont hesitate to reach out to us with the contact form over on the right.

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