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Instagram is still fairly new to the advertising world and still leave a lot to be desired compared to the more established platforms. One of the biggest issues being the very limiting targeting capabilities. However Instagram’s parent Facebook has been steadily introducing new ways for advertisers to show their content. Facebook has clearly learned from Google’s product listing ads by including automatic product feeds so that retailers can keep ads aligned with what they actually have in stock. With the wide-scale introduction of product ads.

Instagram is bringing Carousel advertizing to a broader audience. At first they allowed large brands like Showtime, Banana Republic, Old Navy, L’Oreal Paris, and Samsung for testing. Now it is becoming available to smaller brands as well.

Rule number one of online advertising is creating strong and relevant content that your customers actually care about. by the end of the“carousel,” the ads link to the brands’ mobile site which is essential for e-commerce advertising, Instagram is counting on the ads to turn its resurgent popularity into profits. However they have to be cautious how aggressive they get with their advertising to not alienate their users.

Another step Instagram has made in terms of quality content was verified badges for brands, as well as celebrities and athletes. Accounts verified by Instagram let people know that they’re authentic. If an account is verified, a blue verified badge will appear next to their name in search and on their profile.

In our opinion before Instagram brought in the carousel advertising on their platform was almost pointless beyond big brands. If they can tighten up targeting it can become a viable platform for small businesses if their target users are there.

As a tech start up we don’t plan to venture into instagram advertising because our target market aren’t there. We stick to Google’s Adwords and Facebook ads through our in-house image recommendation and curation engine FaceCrunch.

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