Every Business Can Benefit From an App

Mobile apps aren’t solely for big name brands anymore. Small and midsize businesses are following the mobile trend of putting together an effective mobile strategy that starts with a mobile friendly website but it can’t end there. Smart phones and mobile apps have changed the way customers interact with businesses. Having a mobile app makes customers one touch away on a device they look at for hours every day.


Most businesses have websites now but customers are spending more time on their phones than on computers. On top of that they are spending the majority of that time in apps. The American adult now spends an average of two hours and fifty-one minutes a day looking at their phone.


The difference between putting a business in an app is vastly more important than any other medium of advertising. People are spending more time using mobile devices than they do on their desktops. They are watching less TV and even when they are they are often multi-tasking on their phone or tablet.


Over the last year there has been a drastic increase in overall app retention and engagement. This resulted in 224 million monthly active app users in the US alone. Retaining a customer is a lot cheaper than bringing in a new one. Retaining customers is the most important reason why a company should invest in a mobile app. even if it they aren’t buying something or using it every day they are at least seeing the apps icon which reminds them of the business. Think of it as putting an ad on their phone.


A mobile app can become a business’ own direct marketing channel to the perfect audience, customers who actually want to hear what’s going on with the company. It allows companies to remind them of special sales or events running with push notifications.


Whether you own a small shop or sell a service your customers need a way to reach out to you. People are more willing to interact with businesses if they don’t have to call and talk with someone. Imagine that you ran a small upscale restaurant. The ability to have your customers check table availability and make reservations right from their phone.


By 2017 it is estimated that there will be 2 billion mobile commerce transactions and app revenues are expected to grow to $76.52 billion dollars. The business doesn’t need to be an online benefit from a mobile app either. 74% of smartphone users use their phone to help while shopping in brick and mortar stores. Having an app simplifies the process customer have to go through to make an interaction with your business is just a button away.


A lot of small businesses are hesitant to commit the investment of an app because they already have a mobile version of their site but what they don’t realize is that it’s a streamlined experience for your dedicated customers to communicate with you. We have been providing mobile app solutions for businesses for a while now, if you have any questions we would be happy to talk.

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