Ionic/Cordova Android APK Versioning Issue

While trying to submit our ionic app to the Google play store we began getting the following error:     This seemed weird because the version was set to “0.0.1” on the config.xml widget tag and the apk was set to version 18 for some reason.   `<widget id=”[app id was here]” version=”0.0.1″ xmlns=”” xmlns:cdv=”″ […]

TensorFlow: Google’s Open Source AI

Google has open-sourced the machine learning technology TensorFlow which is the brain behind their photo search, speech recognition, and the new “Smart Reply” feature in the gmail app. Now it’s available for everyone; students, researchers, hobbyists, hackers, engineers, developers, inventors and innovators.   Google decided to open-source TensorFlow because they believe that machine learning is […]

Meet Alphabet: Google’s New Parent Company

Google made a monumental surprise announcement that it’s rebranding itself as Alphabet. Alphabet will be the new parent company for the tech giant. Google founder Larry Page posted a blog titled, “G is for Google” which explains the reasons for the announcement.   So what is Alphabet? Alphabet is a collection of companies with the largest […]

Google’s Mobilegeddon

Back in February Google released a statement saying it was going to be changing its search-engine ranking algorithm by making mobile-friendliness essential. On April 21st they made good on that commitment. Now, what does that mean? Sites that are mobile-friendly will be ranked higher in search results. While those that aren’t will suffer and see […]