TensorFlow: Google’s Open Source AI

Google has open-sourced the machine learning technology TensorFlow which is the brain behind their photo search, speech recognition, and the new “Smart Reply” feature in the gmail app. Now it’s available for everyone; students, researchers, hobbyists, hackers, engineers, developers, inventors and innovators.   Google decided to open-source TensorFlow because they believe that machine learning is […]

IBM’s ‘Rodent Brain’

The amount of research being done on artificial intelligence is skyrocketing. IBM has been working with DARPA’s, “Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics” or SyNAPSE since 2008. Its not quite a digital brain but it’s inspired by the way a rat’s brain is wired. Dharmendra Modha, the lead researcher sees a new future where […]

The future of Ai: Music & Art

The evolution of Ai is spanning into the creative world. Music is being composed by computers through Melomics Technology and Artificial Neural Networks are creating Art. Both are groundbreaking technologies opening the door to what the future of Ai will hold.   Iamus is the big name floating around the computerized composers. The Ai is […]

The Future of AI: Amelia

The world we live in today is going to change with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence. Whether it’s going to be a bright future or lead to the robot apocalypse is up for discussion. There are industry leaders both optimistic and terrified of what it could change. Artificial Intelligence is being developed to deal with […]