"Working with the two Jon's was a pleasure - not only are they gifted technically, but they are such quality individuals - consistently exceeding expectations."
Anthony Gold, ROAR
Anthony Gold, ROAR,
"The Sparknet team has done a great job helping us develop and manage multiple websites. We really value their willingness to present and discuss different options for meeting the business objectives of our projects. Their fast response time and the ease of working with them gives us constant reassurance that we picked the right vendor."
Steve Max, Airgas
Steve Max, Airgas,
"I’ve been working closely with SparkNET since they started and have seen my business grow along with their success. They perfectly complement what I do for my clients, and their expertise in programming, IT and back-end coding allows me to offer my clients services that I could not do without SparkNET. These added services have strengthened my client relationships, and we are poised for even greater growth in the future, in large part because of SparkNET."
Paul McCabe, The McCabe Group
Paul McCabe, The McCabe Group,
"The guys at SparkNET are bulldogs. Once they sink their teeth into a challenge, they don’t let go until they’ve solved the problem. I couldn’t have picked a better team to help develop the advanced technology our company needed."
David Noteware, NextGen Reporting
David Noteware, NextGen Reporting,
"You’ve done a fantastic job with our website, and we have already seen our rankings improve. We hope this will remain the trend in the upcoming months and look forward to working with you again."
Coralie Saliege, Just France Sales
Coralie Saliege, Just France Sales,
"I have dealt with approximately 10 small IT companies in our company’s 18 year history. The amount of shockingly irritating and costly experiences we have had to endure with regards to incompetence in this particular field has been singularly troublesome. SparkNET Technologies has been a shocking surprise because of their competence and ability to think independently and come up with intelligent solutions for our company’s problems. Their service has been a sharp contrast to the rest of the field."
Jeff Allen, Northwest Translations
Jeff Allen, Northwest Translations,


SparkNET leverages breaking technology to overcome broad-based business issues. Our company excels in custom hardware and software builds as well as mobile app development, big data analysis, IOT technology, wearable devices integration, compliance development, legacy applications to the cloud, and more. Since 2007, we’ve delivered business and tech solutions to Fortune 500 companies, middle tier and multinational corporations, and startups, dramatically growing their bottom line. Our client-centric model allows us to immerse ourselves in our clients’ world to match our efforts to your business objectives at a price point that makes sense for you.

Twilio Development

Make Apps Communicate using Twilio

Twilio is a cloud based service that enables powerful communication between mobile devices, applications, conventional telephones, and systems throughout the business in order to bridge the gap between conventional and digital communication methods.


Big Data Solutions

SparkNET continues to fuel a record of excellence in creating and managing big data for companies small and large.  We’ve built custom infrastructure, web applications, and data visualization tools to help our clients manage and understand their data.  Detailed analytics and clear, insightful data allow companies to improve customer interactions, and ultimately, to break down barriers, achieving greater growth and success.  Creating meaningful software solutions to fit our clients’ unique needs is what we do best.

Custom Technology Solutions
Our proven history of creating unique custom software and hardware solutions helps our customers to achieve greater success in different lines of business.  We build everything from custom hardware to one-of-a-kind multinational data management systems.  If you have a technology need, we can provide the solution.
Internet of Things
SparkNET has developed both mobile and desktop integrations for wearable devices and IOT enabled technology. As these industries continue to boom, our solutions keep your business ahead of the curve with new features and exciting offerings for your customers.  If you need remote sensors linked to a mobile app, custom web monitoring, or custom drivers, we can provide you with the solution.  We thrive while working on cutting-edge technology and we have the expertise to execute top quality solutions.
Mobile Application Development

Mobile apps aren’t just for consumers anymore.  Many large and medium sized companies are leveraging the power of mobile-first development to give on-the-go access to clients and employees.  Custom mobile apps speak directly to the needs and interests of your employees and your customers.  Let SparkNET develop a custom mobile solution to enhance access to your mission critical software.

Compliant Development
SparkNET develops and audits applications for specific compliance.  We’re detail oriented and willing to go the extra mile to ensure your solution meets the requirements for AICPA/SOC, HIPAA, TRUSTe, PCI, or Safe Harbor compliance. Our compliance efforts help to streamline your processes for a more efficient adherence to industry standards.
Software SaaS-ification
Extend the life of legacy applications by moving them to the cloud and enabling a more global client reach.  SparkNET has developed a number of multi-tenant solutions for companies with legacy desktop software.  Our proven conversion techniques grant older apps a new lease on life while also enabling our customers to vastly expand their marketing reach.

SparkNET's Prototype and MVP Program

SparkNET’s PROTOTYPE/MVP program continues to propel many SparkNET clients into successful adoption and market sector leadership. Your application will retain value to go to market initially or to prove the concept and engage with a feedback loop for development of promising future iterations.



Native iOS & Android. Sencha, Cordova, and Responsive options.

Web Frameworks

Ruby On Rails, Meteor, .NET

JS Competencies

Angular, Node, Backbone, Ember


MS SQL, Oracle, MY SQL, Postgres, CouchDB, MongoDB, NoSQL

Cloud Integration

AWS, EC2, S3, IBM Bluemix, Google Cloud

Dev Ops

Continuous Integration, Automated Quality Control, On-Demand Scalability


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